SWP Decaf

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The original and as always the ONLY decaf we have EVER offered.

Why? Well if you do some lookin' around about how coffee is decaffeinated, you will see that the poor ole bean really goes through alot. Frankly, given the chemicals involved its no wonder the taste is so poor.

While there are many copy cats, Swiss Water was the first to use 100% natural processes to extract the caffeine along with the coffee flavor and to then reintroduce the coffee back to the bean.

It clearly shows from the taste and the way it roasts. We have much more control over the process and the bean doesn't 'flash' off toward the end.

Keep in mind that all decaf's look darker than they really are. We roast our SWP just a touch darker than our normal light coffees but you will not that it is much darker. That's OK we know, and we have it covered.

Our latest variety of the method is a blend of Indonesian varietals, primarily from Sumatra.