Ethiopia Harrar

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Harrar Longberry - Light to Medium roast.

Have you ever had coffee that smelled like wine? No joke, this is a wild coffee and while not for everyone, it is among the best when it comes to having a cup of coffee and saying, WOW, this is not what I was expecting!

From the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia produces truly wild coffee, whether it is the more tame Sidamo to the wonderful Yirgacheffe to this truly remarkable coffee, Harrar. The names come from the regions and we think it makes perfect sense that these coffees are so great: this is the cradle to coffee so it should exhibit all the facets of java. Add to this that the Great Rift Zone runs through the area so the soil is ever new, ever changing, ever different. 


WARNING: If you want a cup of coffee that is modest in taste, mellow in character and a good solid cup of balanced drink, anything from Ethiopia is not it. This region will vary wildly and will rarely be similar to what you had the last time. You've been warned !