When Coffee was remarkable? We do. It is becoming hard to find truly memorable coffee despite growth of the specialty coffee market in recent years. For our customers, welcome home. Our singular purpose is to create truly amazing coffee in our company owned locations and for our wholesale customers.

Guiding tenets?

- We serve the finest high elevation 'specialty' coffee. Seriously this means alot, its not just words. The coffee we roast is more than just 'arabica'. It is hand picked, (a tree is picked many times during its harvest cycle), and it is hand sorted and prepared.

- We roast our coffee only to your order. Many say this but you can be assured that 100% of our coffee, without exception is roasted only when its ordered. It does not need a roast date on it because you already know the date.

- We always seek to do something better, not just to do something for the sake of it all. For coffee, its knowing that it's going to be enjoyed in a community as a common element. Coffee brings people together and we respect that.

Enjoy our site and our coffee - Here's to great coffee and great community.