About Us

Harbour Coffee began in Hershey, PA in 2002 following the events of 9/11. A coffee business and an opportunity to serve the community began as well. A community place was established at 1044 Cocoa Ave which served as a meeting place; a common destination with a life of its own.

Hershey was a traditional Cape Cod home style, fully renovated to be a commercial space with a wonderful 800 square foot meeting hall in the front with high ceilings for a feeling of great volume. A new vaulted space attached to a multiple room coffeehouse with internet cafe, and a warm fireplace with assorted chairs and couches.

As time progressed the space changed to accommodate a full scale roasting facility, a pizza oven and even a Skateboard shop in the lower level known as 'Scrapes'.

In 2007 the shop closed as Harbour moved to the newly developed multi use space known as 'New Town' in Williamsburg, VA. A more corporate feel was introduced in this large open space and Harbour reopened in early 2008. The best coffee equipment from LaMarzocco, Mahlkoenig, Ditting and others were used to create a truly artisanal coffee products which accompanied wonderful baked scones, biscotti and muffins.

The financial difficulties of 2009-2011 were not kind to the independent coffee businesses, and others, which caused many to close. The commercial roasting business contained in this space began to see lost revenue which was the financial underpinning of the cafe itself, (and the reason its location was set comfortably in the rear of this new town. As more closed, the pressure mounted on the retail business which ultimately closed in 2013.

Many may not know but Harbour opened a small espresso bar on Richmond Rd in Williamsburg, at the old Spoon Diner, (now the Cook Out). It lasted a very short time as the lease holder closed quickly with little warning.

We are now roasting our coffee through our website only; focusing on what we can do to continue the spirit of Harbour. What will the future hold? hmmmmmmmm...stay tuned !

A full description of the events surrounding 9/11is found here.