What's Great Coffee

For the most part it's what YOU say it is.

We have heard many stories about folks telling others what great coffee is and how it must be this way or that....but in the end, someone from the Northeast may have grown up on Dunkin Donuts...and they like it, so we think there is room enough for some respect in this area. We have heard that great espresso MUST have certain varietal components in it; However what if the customers love it the way it is and its not a part of a shop's blend? We would argue that the customer's palate is important too.....perhaps moreso than the barista in many ways.

To make a point, we joke that if you poured your coffee onto the floor and then back into your cup and liked it, well, GREAT...We would prefer to talk about how to make amazing coffee but more than this, we would rather make you happy, and offending you with the dogma of the specialty coffee business is, well, pretty much opposed to the idea of coffee to begin with: community.

That said, there is some tradition when it comes to making great coffee; Some time honored principles and there exist many new ideas that can make your coffee at home every bit as good as you may enjoy at your local coffeehouse, less the community of course.

Of course, in the end even a great coffee can be brewed poorly and taste really nasty so even if we on the production side do all we can, we need you to do the best you can to make sure you are, 'wowed', by the beauty of coffee.

For us, we remain true to: "The four 4 m's of Espresso" and firmly think that they apply to all forms of coffee, either loosely or directly:

- Macinazione – the correct grind - espresso, drip or otherwise the grind determines more than you think. Don't take this too
- Miscela -  the correct coffee blend
- Macchina – the espresso machine
- Mano – the Barista

...m m m m the bean, the man, the grind and the machine. Each has its role and each can turn great roasted coffee into great drinking coffee or just some dark hot liquid.

We challenge you to find a way to make great coffee....we think it all starts with the


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