The Genesis.....of our journey

It started about 3 months ago as we were looking in the Virginia Beach area for our next home. While we have been hanging maps in our home for almost a year, seeking out places to live and then mapping out a long journey to see the USA, we were still in our winter rental, (place of refuge for a time after leaving the coffee business). The lease was expiring as summer was fast approaching so we needed to get moving. The maps and our thoughts about different places notwithstanding, we had not determined where to move to...though our hearts belong back in Hawaii after an extended visit last year.


We went out to visit a few homes in the Virginia Beachoceanfront area, as the idea of uprooting 100% seemed injurious in many ways without clear direction. We surmised that we were to stay in the Virginia Beach area while we investigated a new business opportunity in Norfolk with new friends. As we left the last location, (heading South on Arctic Ave in Va Beach actually), we clearly felt the prompting of the Lord to GO !


We have both felt the words, 'Time's up" for a long time now and the word, "GO" was close in feeling to this. We had to respond. The feeling was palpable to NOT STAY but to go. Go where, well the map on the wall is of help now, as now had some marching orders. Staying in Virginia stay was no longer an option. The talks of a new coffee business was no longer relevant despite some already grand plans in theory.


The trip was to be coast to coast, then to Alaska via the Alaska Highway and be ready to YIELD to things orchestrated by God as we went along. Hey, JACK, He knows where we are so it does seem LOGICAL that he will use us. Our job is to be aware and to respond.


So we got planning ! Think of the logistics ! East coast to west with many favored stops to visit because America is AWESOME but more important to experience PEOPLE just like we did each day in our love, Harbour Coffee.


So planning begins...How, where, what etc. The trip itinerary, at least in basic form, was easy.


Point the car WEST...thats all...west....sell everything and go west.


beyond that the compass bearing would be set by The Lord.....corny? No way, this is his trip, not ours. So while I am a planner, he is the one with the plans so I need to back off, (we have already digressed from our journey on two occasions so this is indeed directed by his hand).


We saw this clearly in Hebron KY when an unkown family became great friends as we spent 2 ½ days there instead of one.


So we had a few garage sales, a few tag sales, gave a lot of stuff away and got down to a bare minimum. Then I asked my family to put the things they want to keep in twelve identical duffel bags, ultimate destination, Hawaii. That's it. 12 blue duffel bags. Our life's 'reset' platform.


We desired to purchase an RV but in the end this did not pan out and we decided to tour the country in sections using what he had; our VW Touareg, a Thule roof rack and a cool item called a GearSpace 34 hitch mounted storage box, we call, 'The Egg".


Along the trip we are staying mostly at KOA campgrounds....after deciding an RV was not for us we are enjoying these fun little camp cabins, (Kabins in KOA speak), and meeting many more folks than we probably would have if we had chosen to use an RV. He knows what we need and as he moved us away from the RV and told me, 'do not worry about the RV' we had peace. In the end it was his desire for us to be more 'out there' as it were......if in the RV we may not have been so.


So here we are. I write this from Kansas City, MO, the home of the International House of Prayer. Like much of this journey the things ahead are unknown, except that this is his journey, not ours.


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