What makes us different ?

  • Roast to Order

    We do not inventory roasted coffee; never have, never will. Coffee ordered here is added to our roast schedule and shipped the same day it is roasted. We do not agree with the premise that infilling the bag with inert gas will preserve the special nature of freshly roasted specialty grade coffee. True, doing it this way takes longer both for you and for us, but it beats receiving coffee that has been sitting around going stale as it waits for you to buy it. You have your local supermarket for that :-)

  • Special Beans

    We look to a precious few locations for our green, (unroasted), coffee. Our base coffee's and blends are made of a very short list of coffee's that are time tested, deep and rich coffee's. These varietals create the depth and character we have been known for. These are our staple coffee's. The remaining choices represent relationships we can trace to the farm: you can be assured that your purchase is not supporting corporate 'trade' efforts but in fact are making it directly to the farmers.

  • The Roast

    Since 2002 we have been roasting on similar equipment in similar ways; no wonder one of the most common compliments we receive about our coffee is: Consistency. We are always evaluating new methods to roast and how to adapt roasting to new brewing technologies but you know have a great coffee thing going; we call it the "4th wave", and it's all about producing roasted coffee that when you get it and brew it yields hearty and deep coffee each and every time, however its done.



We assign simple rates to our shipping and have FREE shipping for orders in excess of 5 lbs. THAT is the key ! If you cannot go through enough coffee in a reasonable amount of time, find a friend and get in on the action !

When do you roast, (aka when will I get my order)?

Great question. In a perfect world we would see your order come into our system, print the paperwork, grab the green coffee, roast and ship. In fact, this does happen but for the most part your order gets managed in our weekly roast schedule and it can vary from order to order. For instance, if we roasted on Thursday for the last orders of the week and your order came along at 4:30 it may not get roasted until Monday. When your order is in the roast schedule for that day you will see a shipping confirmation. THAT is your way of knowing that it is on its way.

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